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Using the Tremor, a Visual DJ Rig he designed and built himself, AFISHAL has created one of the most visual and innovative DJ shows you will ever see.

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AFISHAL is not your typical “press play” DJ. Just when people were wanting more from their live music experiences, Michael Fishcreator of ‘The TREMOR’ and pioneer of Visual DJ’ing, has discovered a niche with his interactive, multi-sensory, drumming-based DJ performance, delivering a visual and innovative live DJ experience thats gone viral hitting more than 150 MILLION views online this year alone! 

A musician from a young age, and an entrepreneur straight out of Uni, AFISHAL has built a music empire reaching across the globe. He has performed private parties for Beyoncé, Prince Harry, Man (Manchester) United, and the US President, created bespoke shows for global brands, and produced opening ceremonies for arena shows, resort launches, Olympic and UEFA sporting events worldwide, in addition to his regular slate of festivals, international club shows and numerous side projects.

Want to know what it’s like to live in a perpetual state of creation while travelling the world with your closest friends? Welcome to the world of AFISHAL!” – Interview by Sasha Frate : Face The Current Magazine


AFISHAL has taken DJ’ing to a new visual level with the TREMOR. A ‘Visual DJ Rig’ he pioneered and created in partnership with music giant Roland.

When your normal DJ would just press play, AFISHAL plays every single note live! Triggering and remixing both audio and visuals on the spot, producing the most incredible live show. His Visual DJ Show is revolutionising the EDM scene, racking up millions of views online every month and getting the biggest DJ’s in the world talking about him in recent interviews.

The TREMOR was designed and hand built by AFISHAL to fill huge stages, yet pack down into just 4 standard suit cases. Making it very cost effective for international clients. The design of this Visual DJ Rig alone is securing AFISHAL headline slots at Tech Festival’s across Asia and features on TV shows around the world including The Gadget Show Live here in the UK. Although he’s a London based Artist, that hasn’t stopped him performing main stage at the biggest festivals and clubs across 5 continents. He’s produced bespoke shows for huge corporate events filling arenas worldwide and gained a big celebrity following in the process. Even Prince Harry got his phone out to film the show and asked for an encore! AFISHAL is pioneering a new visual way to DJ and making a big name for himself in the process.

The AFISHAL DJ Drums were his first invention back in 2012, AFISHAL then redesigned and upgraded this Visual DJ Rig creating a second rig called The TREMOR, which he launched in 2016. They are the original and currently the only Visual DJ Rig’s in the world, giving AFISHAL the ability to remix and perform music live, in the most visual and energetic way ever seen on stage.


AFISHAL takes over from your DJ, connects to your venues screens/sound system, and takes control of the night with The TREMOR! Remixing well known tracks live on stage he takes you on a melodic musical journey, leading to big drops through crowd cheering crescendo’s. The way he energetically performs the music and graphics live captivates audiences and has every type of crowd jumping and filming throughout.

“I built the show and The TREMOR with purpose of emphasising my movements and the music I’m playing. The vision was to give me the ability to control sound, lights and graphics all completely live by the hit of a drum stick! With the latest additions I’m now also able to control huge lasers and thousands of LED wristbands in the crowd, which all react to my movements and music!

I don’t press play on a track and put my arms in the air, I produce each song into individual parts then load each one into The TREMOR, along with light patterns for The TREMOR and individual graphics for the screens. Thousands of them…it takes months! Then I memorise where they’re all located, and when I click next on my foot pedal, a whole new bank of sounds and graphics are loaded!

I can hit a TREMOR pad and it plays the loaded sound, let’s say it’s an explosion sound: The TREMOR’s lights will explode across the rig, graphics will explode across the screen behind me, and lasers will rise up from the foor to the ceiling. For a short sound, a synth stab for example, you’ll get the same thing: but a short flash of light across the screens and a quick shot of light through the air. It all works together. So, every movement I make and every sound I play is amplified on a huge scale!” – AFISHAL, aka Michael Fish

When AFISHAL strikes each pad it lights up and triggers a pre-programmed sound and graphic. The music you can hear is reflected in the mesmerising visual show produced by him live on stage. Allowing audiences to not only hear the music, but actually see it being created and performed in front of their eyes.

The visuals can be played on any venues screen, LED wall or projector. Custom content can be created upon request and added into the show. Graphics, animations, logos and slogans can all be created to your brief by our in house Graphic Designers. We can create a completely custom performance to bring your vision to life. As well as being able to produce client specific music and visuals to your brief, we also work with the best multi-skilled dancers from London to create full choreographed shows featuring troops of dancers, fire girls, circus performers and crazy people spinning fireworks!! Creating fully immersive performances along to the music AFISHAL’s produced and performing LIVE especially for you!

As The TREMOR is made up of thousands of programmable LED’s, this gives AFISHAL the ability to have any pattern or image display on or across the rig. The LED’s can be set to any colour code to match any events colour scheme and display your logo.


AFISHAL Music Ltd offers high powered visual drumming shows, LED live bands and the most Visual DJ in the world. On top of AFISHAL’s club and festival tour schedule, we also create bespoke shows for global brands and custom performances for opening ceremonies, arena shows, resort launches, and sporting events worldwide.

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