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Using the Tremor, AFISHAL's custom built MIDI controller, he has created the most interactive and visual DJ performance you will ever see.


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AFISHAL offers 6 different Drumming shows to cater for all kinds of events

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Article from ‘Discursive Drummer’s Auditory Expedition’

“Music really is, so often, about innovation. The groups and artists that really make an impact on pop culture and become a memorable part of history were innovators. They may create something entirely new, something no one has ever heard before. They may also take an existing concept or idea and present it in a new way. That’s what AFISHAL did with his Visual DJ Rig, the TREMOR. This video explains how it works, so, I won’t delve into that.

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The thing I think is really cool about this is that he’s turned the “fall of live music” to his favour. I hear lots of bands complain that you can’t get gigs anymore because no one wants live music. I think it’s that people don’t want that style of live music anymore. They want contemporary Dance music, House, EDM. This guy has created a way to perform those styles of music live. DJs, to me, are in and of themselves great performers, but this is something totally different. Not only is he playing and remixing the sounds live, he’s added an element of musical, rhythmical, and visual performance to it, as well.”


AFISHAL has taken DJ’ing to a new visual level with the TREMOR. A Visual DJ Rig he pioneered and created in partnership with music giant Roland.

When your normal DJ would just press play, AFISHAL plays every single note live! Remixing both audio and visuals on the spot, producing the most incredible live show. His Visual DJ Show is revolutionising the EDM scene already racking up millions of views on YouTube.

The TREMOR was designed and built by AFISHAL to fill huge stages, yet pack down into just 4 standard suit cases. Making it very cost effective for international clients. The design of this Visual DJ Rig alone is securing AFISHAL headline slots at Tech Festival’s across Asia and features on TV shows around the world including The Gadget Show Live here in the UK. Although he’s a London based Artist, that hasn’t stopped him performing main stage at festivals and clubs across 5 continents, he’s produced shows for huge corporate events filling arenas worldwide and gained a big celebrity following in the process. You’ll also find him at private parties for the likes of Beyonce, Man United and the England Rugby Squad, even Prince Harry got his phone out to film the show. AFISHAL is pioneering a new visual way to DJ and making a big name for himself in the process.


AFISHAL offers 6 energetic high powered visual drumming shows. His shows cater for all kinds of events, including bespoke packages with custom content created for your event. To find out more about the shows and AFISHAL’s availability contact us below.

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