Bespoke Productions

Unique Custom Performances And Videos To
Promote Your Product / Boost Your Brand / Launch Your Event

From concept to creation we produce spectacular, unique and innovative shows to fulfil a clients vision. Personalised high energy and incredibly powerful performances designed to a theme of your choice featuring animated versions of your logo, slogans, messages and even people. All brought to life using The TREMOR, to the music and genre of your choice, produced in house and performed completely live on stage by AFISHAL.

Whether you’re looking for a Big Show Opener to launch an event or a Bespoke Video to promote a product, AFISHAL can offer this like no other Artist in the world and has been producing bespoke shows at huge events filling arenas worldwide for 12 years.

We can create a completely custom performance to bring your vision to life

Big Show Openers

A completely custom performance unique to you

A bespoke performance to launch your event/brand. Created to your brief incorporating your own logos, slogans, messages, fonts, colour schemes, images, footage and even feature people within AFISHAL’s show. This is then all brought to life through his epic musical and visual performance to music and genres of your choice.

When AFISHAL strikes each pad on The TREMOR it lights up and triggers a sound and personalised graphic, they explode across The TREMOR and come to life on venues screen reacting to each new sound!

AFISHAL’s team have created bespoke shows for global brands and events internationally. Our performances have been seen on the BBC, ITV, French, Chinese, and Indian TV shows, as well as the CWTV Network in the USA. They have been utilised for all different types of events, ranging from; Hotel Launches, Award Ceremonies, stadium opening ceremonies, Olympic sporting events, pro Basket Ball half time shows, the UEFA football Finals and epic events worldwide.

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Feature Your Identity

Become Part Of The Show

We add a small personalised element to your event that makes a big difference.

There are several ways we can feature you or your brand within AFISHAL’s show; We animate your logo and trigger it live on stage to music using The TREMOR. We can film key members of your party/event on a green screen and incorporate them into the shows graphics, which will then be triggered live by AFISHAL in his show.

The TREMOR itself is made up of over 8000 LED’s, which enables us to display your logo flying across the Visual DJ Rig as well as the venues screens.

Enough explaining, lets just watch it in action right here

Bespoke Music & Video Track

Videos and performances created entirely from sounds and footage that specifically relates to you
Resort Launch / Brand Activation / Product Launch

AFISHAL and his team fly to locations around the world to capture sounds and video clips specifically related to the client, their workplace, brand, product, theme, lifestyle, hotel/resort, whatever it may be. For example, when we launched Llana Beach the 5* Beach Resort & Club in Cape Verde, we created a video and performance featuring sounds from every luxury facility they have to offer!

AFISHAL then produces a track and music video from all the captured content, portraying it in an exciting and innovative way.

An innovative style to showcase a product, place or person in the most exciting and visual way possible. You’re not only getting an incredibly unique show, you’re getting a unique video to use however you choose!

AFISHAL Music has produced Bespoke Music Videos for adverts, viral marketing videos, half time shows, brand activations, hotel resort and product launches at exciting events worldwide.

UNITED Airlines, RedBull, UEFA, The Olympics, The Gadget Show, TiVo, Curry’s PC World and The Harlem Globetrotters are just a handful of our happy clients.

Private Parties / Events / Families

Imagine a video that features your family and friends, the things that you love to do, and the things that mean the most to you. All captured naturally along with the sounds that they make. These sounds and the video footage is then produced into music, a whole track thats made up from all the sounds that relate to you personally. The final result is a performance of the Music Video that tells a story, your story, your lifestyle, your life..

Here’s how it works: The team at AFISHAL Music travel to you and spend several days on location capturing video clips and sounds from peoples lives, we creatively use everything! Sounds from their work to their pets, their friends laughing to their favourite car, especially all their hobbies! These sounds and video clips are then produced into a one-of-a-kind Bespoke Music Video!

Our team will work with you to create a storyboard and explore the messages you’d like to portray.

Its a personalised video and performance staring a person and their family/friends in the most exciting and visual way possible. This is the unique gift you’ve been trying to find!

TV / Viral Videos

Videos and performances created entirely from sounds and footage that specifically relates to you
Video's created for Marketing Campaigns, TV and Social Media Adverts

Our unique style has caught the attention of Advertising Companies across the globe. Even before AFISHAL’s videos were racking up over 100 million view online his unique invention, performance style and his companies video skills were securing him projects from global brands such as Nike, Hennessy and Carlsberg. Helping each grab the publics attention through his avant-garde style, all specifically personalised for each client.

We work together with our clients to bring their video to life through a visual musical journey.

Just ask if you have any questions about how we can create a show for you!

Custom Shows

We can manage and produce every aspect of your event!

If you’re looking for a fully produced show featuring dozens of performers, props, pyro’s, staging, event managers, DJ’s, sound & lighting, the works! We can provide the industries best.

As well as being able to produce bespoke visual shows to your brief, through our sister company Evolve Entertainment we also work with the best multi-skilled performers from London. Creating full choreographed shows featuring troops of dancers, bespoke costumes, props, fire girls and circus performers. An endless list of incredible acts to wow your guests, only working with the best!

We work very closely with London’s biggest AV and LED screen companies, we can build your event from the bottom up handling every aspect. We produced the Opening Ceremony for the Track Cycling World Finals at the London Olympic Velodrome and a completely bespoke 15 minute show for AMWAY Arena in Florida to name a few… Any event big or small, we’ve got you covered.

Captivating entertainment for high end events worldwide
Performers / Event Managers / Staging Lighting / Choreography / Costumes and so much more!
- We produced the Opening Ceremony for the Track Cycling World Finals at the London Olympic Velodrome

- We created a completely bespoke 15 minute show for AMWAY Arena in Florida

- When Man City played Real Madrid in the UEFA Semi Final 2016, the music & graphics leading up to kick off were created by us and performed live in the stadium by AFISHAL

- Our shows have been seen on the BBC, ITV, French, Chinese and Indian TV shows, as well as the CWTV Network in the USA

- We can animate your logos, create your vision and bring your theme to life

Evolve Entertainment

- AFISHAL Music Ltd and Evolve Entertainment Ltd are owned by the same family

- If you're looking to keep your music, graphics, entertainment and event management under one company, you've just found it!

- Packages including meet and greet entertainment, interactive and bespoke stage shows.

- Full event management with Evolve's team overseeing every aspect of the event from ideas to execution.

- Fully choreographed dance shows incorporating Fire, Pyro, LED and so much more, along with hundreds of tailer made costumes to suit your event.

- Bespoke props you won't find anywhere else in the world, designed and made by our in house team, featured on shows like ITV's X Factor.


"The star of the show, and one of the friendliest personalities we've ever had on set.”
Ewan Pearson – The Gadget Show, Channel 5


AFISHAL offers 6 energetic high powered visual drumming shows. His shows cater for all kinds of events, including bespoke packages with custom content created for your event. To find out more about the shows and AFISHAL’s availability contact us below.

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