Brand Activation

Viral videos, unique adverts, immersive experiences and live branded performances to help
promote your brand in a unique and visual way.
We bring a brand to life!
Our Brand Activations help to bring a company to life by creating engaging and memorable experiences that strike real emotions with the consumer. Creating immersive performances combining 'client specific' music and visuals which is then all performed live by AFISHAL. This reaches the audience on both a primal rhythmical level as well as stimulating them on a digital visual level. Building an exciting and positive perception of a brand through AFISHAL's epic musical and visual performance.

Utilising our in house musicians, music producer and graphics designer, we bring logos, slogans, and hashtags to life! Literally any digital media can be incorporated into AFISHAL's show. With every sound he plays then animating the clients logo in a way that reflects the music he's performing.
AFISHAL's show can incorporate a message like no other performance in the world.

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How we do it
With The TREMOR, our huge custom built Visual MIDI Controller, AFISHAL has the ability to remix and perform music completely live, whilst controlling a visual array of motion graphics displayed across screens of any shape or size and even on The TREMOR itself. As its made up of over 6000 programable LED's, this Visual DJ Rig is capable of matching any brands colour scheme as well as displaying their logos and even motion graphics.
Brand Activations
We work with global brands to help position their image into the consumers' minds, we do this by attracting and emotionally engaging them in the personal experience we create, in house, and perform live on stage. Through the music's specific genre and the bespoke visuals we produce specifically to our clients brief, we can create a brand immersive performance that will have onlookers filming and sharing the incredibly unique spectacle, doing the promotion for you!
(This is a bit hush hush, but we are also currently developing an AFISHAL iPhone App for 2017 so consumers can take the branded performance home with them, remix the music and visuals themselves, and even upload their version to social media for their friends to see! Shhhhh 😉 )
Experiential Marketing
Our activations can also give people a chance to play The TREMOR, 'activating' the musical logo animations themselves and participating in a way that makes them feel apart of the brand. By blending physical and digital experiences together we deliver an engaging activity that captures consumers hearts and minds leaving them with a memory they will never forget.
How The Visual DJ has been utilised
• We produced and performed live on stage a completely bespoke Opening Ceremony for the Track Cycling World Finals at the London Olympic Velodrome. Featuring specifically requested music, chants and bike related sound effects. Along with custom graphics reflecting the clients message, colour scheme and theme...ALL TRIGGERED LIVE ON STAGE BY AFISHAL.

• We flew to a Brand New 5* Beach Resort to create a song and a Bespoke Music Video for the launch of the amazing destination. Featuring their members of staff miming to a song we had written and recorded in our studio using a professional choir. We spent a week in the resort recording sounds and video clips related to the wide range of incredible facilities available. Then produced a Music & Video track out of those sampled sounds to promote the resort in an incredibly creative and unique fashion for both online viral marketing through our strong social media platforms, as well as a bespoke live performance at the launch event.

How The Tremor has been utilised
• We link animations of a clients logo (that we've designed for them) to specific sounds loaded into The TREMOR, leaving participants to play the sounds and bring the logo to life themselves.
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• We made a Music & Video Track for RedBull by recording as many sounds as we could just using the RedBull can (hitting it, shooting it, driving over it, boiling it etc), then performing the sounds and video clips live using The TREMOR. 250,000 views in 2 days!
How AFISHAL Music has been utilised
• Being let loose in a electrical superstore to record sounds and videos to create a 'Gadget Track', also featuring a video used by The Gadget Show & UK electricals giant Currys PC World!
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• Producing a bespoke show for the UEFA Semi-Final featuring audio and video clips recorded for us by the Man City & Real Madrid players which AFISHAL then performed live at the stadium prior to kick off.

• We could go on all day, give us a call to find out more!

We have already worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, creating bespoke performances, viral videos, adverts and immersive experiences that promote a their products on a physical, audible and visual level like no other performer in the world. When you're the only person in the world controlling music, lights and visuals all by the hit of a stick, the possibilities are endless!... Fire over an email or give the office a bell to discuss what we could do for you.


“Your act is absolutely brilliantly timed, you’re like a showman. I really, really like it and I really, really like you.”
– Simon Cowell

“While he might not be a household name like Steve Aoki, AFISHAL with his Visual DJ Rig is probably the most mind-blowing act you will ever see on stage.”
– DJ Mag 2015

“Dude those DJ Drums are sick, are you making those to sell. We need to meet up soon.”
– DJ Fresh

“WOWSA! Check out my mate Afishal! Taking live club percussion to the next level! I’m gonna be out of the job.”
– Danny Howard Radio 1 DJ

You’ve just revolutionised performing live music Fish.
– Abz 5ive