The Full L.E.D. Percussion Setup is FiSH’s longest running show that he’s been performing around the world for the past 7 years. Its his incredibly energetic and visual performance style combined with his musical skill and customised L.E.D drums that make’s him really stand out. So much so that ITV spotted one of his live videos on YouTube and asked him to perform at the London Hammersmith Apollo for Britain’s Got Talent.

After wowing the judges and getting a unanimous 4 yes’s, he flew straight through to the Live Semi-Finals where he performed with his Fire Drums show.¬†Visually few acts can compete with FiSH, all his drums are custom fitted with L.E.D lights that flash and strobe to the music. The energy he brings to the stage, his funky riffs, mesmerising speed, flawless technique and endless stamina make him second to none. When he performs, everyone on the dance floor is reaching their phones to film.

FiSH works with your DJ and specialises in improvising along to the music they play. His drums are fitted with high powered L.E.D’s that can be seen day or night. The show only requires a raised stage 7ft x 5ft and an input for his mixing desk.¬†Additions we can provide include DJ, Dancers & L.E.D. Sax.