The Walkabout L.E.D. Bongos are perfect for those looking to add an interactive element to their event. With this setup FiSH can get down off the stage and take the party to your guests. He’s proven time and time again to liven up any dance floor with his balearic beats and colour changing bongos. Lit by high powered L.E.D’s the bongos really stand out day or night.¬†They’re great for the more intimate venues as no stage is required and FiSH can perform literally anywhere with them! He can entertain the VIP booths, perform on the dance floor, the bar, the tables, everywhere. He’s even performed with them on a floating pontoon for a beach party, on the roof of a boat for the Ibiza sunset boat parties and even been suspended in the air!

FiSH works with your DJ and can play along to any style of music with this setup. Attached around the waist using a wireless microphone and battery pack they are completely mobile. His only requirement is somewhere to plug-in his mic receiver. Additions we can provide: Matching L.E.D. Sax, Choreographed L.E.D. Dancers.