Michael Fish

Founder | Director | Nocturnal

Inventor and pioneer of Visual DJing and The TREMOR. AFISHAL is a true innovator and a talent that cannot be found anywhere else on earth! Highly skilled in audio and visual production, he has created a roster of unique bespoke shows and is steadily building a family of the world's most exciting artists, all under the AFISHAL Music banner.

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Ryan Rhodes

Project Manager | Tour Manager

Ryan's involved with every aspect of AFISHAL Music and AFISHAL Media. From creative briefing, international tour planning and business development, to the management of complex live and virtual events, he oversees everything we do. He has extensive experience as a promoter, producer and agent, and even works as a professional Voice Actor!


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Joss Stokes

Assistant Project Manager | Social Media Guru | Gen Z Spokesperson

Joss has lived, studied and worked across the USA, UK, Caribbean and Bahamas. His experience in business marketing and his passion for design and fashion give him invaluable perspective when it comes to spotting and capitalising on trends.

He's also young enough to understand TikTok.


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Oliver Oyabayo

Visuals | Editing | Resident Hype Man

Our in-house visual maestro. Oliver is well versed in a variety of video production techniques and is responsible for many of the trademark visual sequences that make our bespoke productions so memorable! He's also a wicked MC and has exactly the right brand charisma to get crowds (or our office) hyped.


James Stewart

Technician | Logistics | Amateur Comedian

Our head technician and all-around logistical wizard! James knows our tech inside out and ensures that we secure the most cost-effective and time-efficient travel for all of our shows. He's worked on productions ranging in size and complexity from small private events, to sold-out 25,000 cap arena shows.


Corentin Le Fur

aka WISEBOY | Producer

It's not every day you get to work with a producer who's been mentored by multi-platinum artists like DJ Fresh. Whether he's composing epic cinematic scores or adding the finishing touches to a mix-down, we're very proud to have Corentin on our team.

Will Dobson

Technical Advisor

A trusted and valued source of technical advice on some of the most intricate workings of AFISHAL's tech. Specialising in complex and large-scale lighting solutions, Will has overseen rollouts for the likes of Dixons Carphone, Tesco and Primark. He's also the man behind the successful completion of the digital network for Westfield Australia! He also redefines "competitive" when it comes to Guitar Hero.

Phil Reisinger

aka Sonic Snares | Producer

A big part of the Visual DJ Family, insanely talented producer and multi-instrumentalist. When he's not touring with his live visual DJ show, Phil can usually be found at his professional studio in Austria. He has a huge range of styles in his musical palette and is our go-to for polished mix-downs and hard-hitting sounds.

Dean Smith

Freelance Motion Graphic Designer | Wizard

Our go-to freelancer and the brains behind some of our favourite productions. Dean's created rich and immersive virtual landscapes and even turned AFISHAL into a giant game of Super Mario... There doesn't seem to be much this man can't do!

Part Team. Part Family.

With decades of combined experience between us, our team has what it takes to make any event a huge success. And it's a good job we get along so well because we've worked and travelled all over the world together, from El Salvador to New Caledonia.
Here we are at Petra in Jordan after our headline show for Red Bull music festival!